A were wolf in the rain

اذهب الى الأسفل

A were wolf in the rain

مُساهمة من طرف kholoud khãleð في الجمعة سبتمبر 23, 2011 8:51 pm

It was a singularly sharp night, and clear as a diamond. Clear nights have a trick of having something to happen . In darkness you may be cold and not know it. This night was bright enough to feel like its biting ur skin . The moon was moving mysteriously along behind the Mountain, striking a cold sparkle from the crusted snow,,
up there on the top of the mountain lived an uncommonly man named < Don Marcous > one day and not as usual There was a sharp rapping at the door its been to0 long time that the Don forgot human mortal faces . < a heavy rain started after it had been so0 clear ........ and there sto0d a girl with angelic features < ZINDA>> such a pretty face that the Don kept staring at her saying nothing she didn't know what she have gotten herself into she had only in her mind that she wanted to escape ..
Escape from her uncle < godfather > that was supposed to look after her after her parents had died >
the Don just could do nothing to her he allowed her to stay in his great mansion but never to go outta her ro0m after night's fall .....
they stayed together but they never talked ....... one day she disobeyed The Don and got out at night as every night she heard screams of great pain very loud that she couldn't ignore she got out to the garden and suddenly the screams had stopped then she saw a pair of wide red eyes so0 frightening ..
but really she didnt feel afraid she felt sad and lo0ked at him I know those eyes those eyes speak to me you wont hurt me i just know it & if u wanted u would have from the beginning suddenly the huge creature ran towards her very fast as it was death itself .......... she didnt mo0ve it jumped from above her ......... she heard a scream and sounds of teeth and bites she lo0ked behind and saw her uncle or what was left of him she was credibly happy and re-leaved The Don shape shifted back Their eyes spoke t0 each other with out saying a word ........ they lived together in the great mansion feeling blessed to having found each other by the work of fait
kholoud khãleð
kholoud khãleð

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